Executive Recruitment
Image of Leeds Arena.

Political Composition

The people of Leeds elect 99 councillors to run the authority. The authority’s area is divided into 33 wards, and there are 3 councillors for each ward. They are usually elected for a four year term of office. The current political composition of the council is:

  • Labour - 60
  • Conservative - 19
  • Liberal Democrat - 9
  • Morley Borough Independents - 5
  • Green Party - 3
  • Garforth and Swillington Independent Group - 2
  • Independent - 1

The political leadership of the council is provided by the executive board. Further information on the Executive Board can be found by clicking on the this link.

Leeds also has a Lord Mayor and Lord Mayor’s Consort. For more information about the Lord Mayor of Leeds and Lord Mayor’s Consort, Councillor Judith Chapman and Mr Alan Chapman, can be found by clicking this link.

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