Executive Recruitment

Our Values

Our vision is for Leeds to be a compassionate, caring city that helps all its residents benefit from the effects of the city’s economic growth. We will focus on creating the right conditions for the economy in Leeds to prosper and, hand in hand with that, ensure a consequence of that growth is a reduction in the inequalities that exist in Leeds. Working together, we will achieve our ambition of Leeds being the UK’s best council and best city.

Our Values

  • Working as a team for Leeds - I'm part of a team that is trusted to get on
  • Being open, honest and trusted - I can be my best
  • Working with communities - I'm proud to make a difference
  • Treating people fairly - It feels like I count
  • Spending money wisely - I make every pound go further

Our Objectives

  • Supporting communities and tackling poverty
  • Promoting sustainable and inclusive economic growth
  • Building a child-friendly city
  • Delivering the better lives programme
  • Dealing effectively with the city’s waste
  • Becoming a more efficient and enterprising council  

Our Vision

Our purpose is to improve life for the people of Leeds and make our city a better place. We have listened to what local people, businesses and organisations have said and our Vision for 2030 is to be the best city in the UK. The vision for Leeds 2030, can be found here.

    • Leeds will be fair, open and welcoming.
    • Leeds’ economy will be prosperous and sustainable.
    • All Leeds’ communities will be successful.

Key Documents and Plans

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