Vision for Leeds

'Best city in the UK', that is the key aim of the Vision for Leeds 2011 to 2030.

This means:

  • Leeds will be fair, open and welcoming
  • Leeds' economy will be prosperous and sustainable
  • All Leeds' communities will be successful

Leeds, like other national and international cities is faced with a number of key challenges. The city's population is set to rise to around one million, its economy is still recovering from the effects of global recession and the consequences of a changing climate have become all too apparent.

In addressing these challenges, Leeds must continue to be a forward-looking city and have a clear plan for the future and this is why the Vision for Leeds is important.

In developing the Vision for Leeds the Leeds Initiative led a consultation with Leeds residents who were asked to discuss what their priorities for the city are. Using this feedback and the expertise of key partner organisations, such as the universities and NHS Leeds, Leeds Initiative was able to develop a Vision that is serving the needs and wants of the residents and businesses of Leeds.

Leeds City Council leader Cllr James Lewis adds:

"This Vision is ambitious; we are challenging ourselves to be the best city in the UK. That means being fair, sustainable and inclusive. The consultation exercise highlighted that people care about community and society as much as infrastructure and buildings."

"So this Vision sets out not only how we aim to achieve a 21st century transport system for the city, but also our ambitions to create a more cohesive city with stronger communities."