Public Health Recruitment

Leeds City Council

Being open, honest and trusted — that's what our council is built on.

We want Leeds to be the best council in the best city. So, as one of the largest employers in the region with over 15,000 employees, our aim is to recruit and develop talented individuals who embody our council values and ambitions. We are a political organisation, with a responsibility for providing local services and facilities. There are 99 elected councillors across the city to represent our citizens at a local level and help drive change for the better.

We're ambitious...

...for Leeds, for our citizens and for our employees. Our strong values run through everything we do. We work as a team for Leeds to meet challenges head on and deliver outstanding outcomes with compassion and commitment. Our employees talk about the pride they feel in making a difference, and in return for their dedication and contribution we offer a workplace where people feel supported, that celebrates difference, and encourages everyone to grow like the city we love. This is a unique time for Leeds and a chance for you to be part of something special as we aim to be the best place to work in the best city in the UK.

Our values

being open, honest and trusted: I can be my best

  • I do what I say I am going to do
  • I manage others' expectations and am realistic
  • I am patient and considerate, and listen to other people
  • I provide customer-friendly information - jargon free and plain English
  • I am open to new ways of working

Treating people fairly - It feels like I count

  • I appreciate everyone is different and respect the views and opinions of others - no 'one size fits all' approach
  • I recognise and value cultural differences
  • I understand individuals' communication and access needs
  • I appreciate the efforts of others and acknowledge a job well done
  • I am aware of language and cultural difference in all communications

Spending money wisely - I make every pound go further

  • I am flexible and support priorities
  • Before spending, I ask 'what difference will this make?'
  • I look for ways to improve processes and service delivery
  • I remember that it's not our money that we spend

Working as a team for Leeds- I am part of a team that is trusted to get on

  • I keep up to date with important news and information
  • I take responsibility to help others
  • I have positive expectations of others and support them
  • I share my views, knowledge and ideas
  • I have a 'can do' attitude and learn from experience
  • I deliver work on time and take responsibility for my own workload
  • I seek feedback to drive improvements, to ensure others are satisfied
  • I work with others, rather than 'to' or 'for' them

Working with communities - I am proud to make a difference

  • I build knowledge of our customers, keep up to date / share information where appropriate
  • I proactively seek links and develop positive working relationships with community groups
  • I think about things from the point of view of
  • I am knowledgeable about other services, partners and the bigger picture

What we're planning

Our Best Council Plan vision is to be an efficient, enterprising and healthy place to work. To achieve this, our set of values are at the heart of everything we do — from informing the way we design and deliver our services, to the way we all work and behave.

We are proud...

...of the work we do every day to help deliver better outcomes for our citizens — from keeping our streets clean to building the innovative and striking Leeds Arena which is already attracting the biggest names in the entertainment industry.

Join us and discover the part you could play in making Leeds the best council in the best city.