Best Council Plan

The Best Council Plan is our strategic planning document, and sets out what we will do to deliver better outcomes across Leeds. The Plan informs our budget setting and financial strategies and is an essential tool for planning and delivering services. It also helps our staff understand how the work they do makes a real difference to the people of Leeds, and shows our partners how we contribute to citywide priorities.

Our current Best Council Plan was approved by full council in February 2019 and covers the period 2019/2020 to 2020/2021.

The plan explains the five core values that underpin everything we do and outcomes that highlight the difference we want to make across the city. These include:

  • Outcomes: the difference we want to make across the city
  • Priorities: summarised below, what we will focus on to achieve these outcomes
  • Key performance indicators: how we will know if we are making a difference
  • Values: the council’s five core values that underpin everything we do and how we work

What are our priorities?

Our city priorities for this year are:

  • Inclusive growth - tackling poverty, helping everyone benefit from the economy to their full potential
  • Health and wellbeing - reducing health inequalities and supporting active lifestyle
  • Sustainable infrastructure - improving the city's transport and digital infrastructure and tackling climate change risks
  • Child friendly city - making Leeds the best city for children and young people to grow up in
  • Age friendly Leeds - making Leeds the best city to grow old in
  • Culture - improving the quality of lives and growing the economy through cultural and creative activities
  • Housing - providing homes of the right quality, type and affordability in the right places and minimising homelessness
  • Safe, strong communities - keeping people safe from harm and prioritising community respect and resilience

Our five council values continue to underpin everything we do: working as a team for Leeds; being open, honest and trusted; working with communities; treating people fairly; spending money wisely.

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