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Adult Social Care in Leeds

A refresh of The Better Lives Strategy received approval from Executive Board in February 2017 to seek comment, feedback and consultation with a view to reporting back to Executive Board in July 2017 for final approval;

The Better Lives strategy is the Council’s strategy for people with care and support needs and reflects the collective endeavour of all the council’s functions to this strategic aim. The Better Lives strategy was first produced in 2011. Since then the council has refreshed the Best Council Plan and the Health and Well-being Strategy.

The Care Act 2014 also came into force in 2015 which laid down new duties for the Council.

The refreshed strategy proposes five key aspirations:

  • To promote well-being and increase personal and community resilience
  • To maximise recovery and promote independence so people can live independently in their own communities for as long as possible
  • Improve the quality of life for people with care and support needs
  • Provide choice and control for people who have care and support needs
  • Ensure value for money and the best use of the Leeds pound

This will be achieved by a range of actions delivered through three themed workstreams:

  • Better Lives through better conversations
  • Better Lives through better living
  • Better Lives through better connections

A copy of the full report can be found on the Leeds City Council Website by clicking here.

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