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About Leeds City Council

Leeds City Council was established in its current form in 1974 following a merger of the City Council with neighbouring urban district councils and part of the West Riding of Yorkshire County Council.

In total, the council employs approximately 34,400 people (including school based employees). Leeds organises its strategic and service responsibilities under the following directorates:

  • Adults and Health Services
  • Children's and Families Services
  • Communities and Environment
  • City Development
  • Resources and Housing

Supported by:

A group of central and corporate functions incorporating human resources, finance and information technology services, democratic services, procurement, legal services and planning, policy and improvement activities.

Each area is led by representatives of the council's corporate leadership team who are responsible for meeting the needs of the city and its citizens through closer working with other public sector partners.

In addition, as part of a national programme of change, each council must drive plans to work more closely with others, including citizens, the Police, health and voluntary organisations to better meet the needs of individuals, families and communities. The government's aim for every adult and child in the country to have the support they need, regardless of circumstance, has already focused the changes on children's services and developing changes in respect of adult services. Whilst this does have specific implications for these services, this is likely to affect all services throughout the council.

The Corporate Leadership Team is the council’s senior management team. It is headed by the council’s Chief Executive, Tom Riordan and includes the following officers:

  • Chief Executive – Tom Riordan
  • Director of Adults and Health Services – Cath Roff
  • Director of Children's and Families Services – Stephen Walker
  • Director of Communities and Environment – James Rogers
  • Director of City Development – Martin Farrington
  • Director of Resources and Housing – Neil Evans

There are also a number of officers who hold statutory roles in the council and work closely with the Corporate Leadership Team. They are as follows:

  • Director of Public Health - Dr Ian Cameron
  • Chief Financial Services Officer - Doug Meeson
  • City Solicitor – Catherine Witham

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