Executive Recruitment

Dear Applicant,

Thank you for your interest in the role of Deputy Director for Integrated Commissioning

This is a really exciting and challenging time to come to work in Leeds. We have set out our ambition in a refreshed Health and Well-being strategy that Leeds will be the best city for health and well-being and a clear vision:

Leeds will be a healthy and caring city for all ages, where people who are the poorest improve their health the fastest.  

We are focused on achieving five key outcomes:

  • People will live longer and have healthier lives
  • People will live full, active and independent lives
  • People’s quality of life will be improved by access to quality services
  • People will be actively involved in their health and care
  • People will live in healthy, safe and sustainable communities

If you come to work in Leeds you will soon recognise that we are both a large city (population 780,000 and 213 square miles) and a diverse city (with an urban centre, rural outer and over 170 different languages spoken).

Leeds has a long history of an asset-based approach to public service with our starting point being a firm belief that every citizen and every community has strengths that can be built upon. A good example of this is our 37 Neighbourhood Networks that support 21,000 older people across the city. More recently the city’s three Clinical Commissioning Groups have rolled out social prescribing as part of this approach. This is a key part of our thinking for future services models.

Leeds City Council’s Better Lives strategy sets out how the whole of the council will contribute to the lives of people with care and support needs. It has three main strands which provide a focus for how we want to transform services, the strategy is undergoing a consultation exercise to refresh. We commission £191m of services and constantly strive to improve quality whilst getting value for the Leeds pound.

The council works closely with all the three CCGs but have formed a new partnership with Leeds CCG’s for the commissioning of mental health, learning disability and dementia services. We believe a truly integrated approach will succeed in wrapping services around the individual: helping them stay well for as long as possible but always there if more intensive support is needed.

The need for partnership working has never been greater and this role provides tremendous scope for the Deputy Director of Integrated Commissioning to build on existing relationships. The Council and its NHS partners are keen to collaborate across the whole public sector and with other partners to deliver the best and most efficient public services.

Looking forward, we collectively face a large challenge with a forecast gap in funding of £723m over the next five years between health and social care. We know we need to achieve more together and develop innovative approaches to shared commissioning, delivery and improved outcomes.

For this role, we are looking for an ambitious and dynamic person to help us meet the challenges of moving through this complex, fast-changing and exciting landscape: a candidate with energy, drive and resilience. You will work successfully with Councillors, governing body members, staff, partner organisations and citizens to deliver our shared strategic outcomes.

We look forward to hearing from you.

Yours sincerely,


Councillor Rebecca Charlwood
Executive Board member for Health, Well-being and Adults

Dr Jason Broch
Chair, Leeds North CCG Council of members

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